Maximize Your Health System’s Financial Health Across the Continuum of Care

Janus Choice allows health systems to maximize financial health through increased integration with their post-acute network.

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The JANUS CHOICE Difference

Janus Choice works with your health system to maximize its financial health by:

1. Helping patients become more informed who then choose to stay within your system

2. Better controlling your patients’ quality of care

3. Improving your patient satisfaction, transitional care, and readmission measurements

4. Retaining revenues within your system

Are You Maximizing Your System’s Financial Health?

Financial Health Calculator

See how much your financial health could improve with Janus Choice.

Just input your current number of discharges per year and current integration rate.


DISCLAIMER: Data used in this tool is solely based upon historical data from Janus Choice clients as well as third-party research. The results displayed by this tool do not guarantee any results for you or your health system. Actual results will substantially vary from health system to health system. By using the calculator above, you hereby agree that this calculator is for illustration purposes. If you would like to see the assumptions for this calculator, please request our case study here.

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